Results, All-Tournament Team, and MVP from UCLA's Dennis Storer Classic

Nine high school teams traveled to UCLA for the annual Dennis Storer Classic last weekend.  Three Utah teams made the trek for matches on Saturday to play two games each, while the remaining six (four from NorCal, two from SoCal) stuck around for a third on Sunday.  Snow Canyon, Rhinos, Danville, and SFGG all looked impressive and will be forces to reckon with this season. 

Snow Canyon was the most impressive side, beating SFGG and Danville on Saturday.  The Utah teams showcased some impressive talent, most notably Snow Canyon flyhalf Andy Day and United left wing Eli Pulu.  Day put defenses under massive pressure with his boot and kicked a meaningful penalty goal in each of his team's wins.  Pulu recorded a hat trick in both of his games.  

Despite the Saturday performances by Day and Pulu, the tournament MVP award goes to Rhinos scrumhalf Austin Kikuchi.  "Kuch" is one of the most dynamic players we've seen in years and is versatile enough to play anywhere in the backline.  Sunday he played flyhalf due to the absence of the usual Rhinos #10 and led his team to victory, kicking the game winning penalty at full time to give the Rhinos an undefeated tournament.

Here are all the results and the 1st and 2nd all-tournament teams:


Mother Lode 21-0 Olympus

Snow Canyon 15-0 SFGG

Danville 50-0 Santa Monica

United 26-7 Lamorinda

Rhinos 35-14 Mother Lode

SFGG 40-5 Olympus

Snow Canyon 17-12 Danville

Rhinos 28-15 United

Lamorinda 48-12 Santa Monica


Santa Monica 14-0 SFGG B

SFGG A 50-0 Danville B

Danville A 38-7 Mother Lode

Rhinos 15-14 Lamorinda


All-Tournament 1st Team

1. Folasa Tofi @Flossy34 , SFGG 2. Cesar Martinez, Snow Canyon 3. Jayden Lacayo, Snow Canyon 4. Tucker Lamoreau, Snow Canyon 5. Nick Cox @nickcox, Danville 6. Ethan Howard, Rhinos 7 Ronnie McGelligott @ronniemc00, SFGG 8. Luke Ogburn @LukeOgburn, Danville 9. Austin Kikuchi (MVP), Rhinos 10. Andy Day, Snow Canyon 11. Eli Pulu @epulu, United 12. Jason Severance @JasonSeverance, Danville 13. Nate Latu, Olympus 14. Amar Dhillon @amardhillon , Mother Lode 15. Diego Vasquez, Rhinos

All-Tournament 2nd Team

1. Wes Uipi @Wesuipi, Rhinos 2. Jason Uipi, Rhinos 3. Jeremy Mast @football5252, Danville 4. David Dillard @Dillard99, Snow Canyon 5. John Weiss, Mother Lode 6. Logan Pendleton, Snow Canyon 7. Carson Stosich @stosee, United 8. Brooks Maile, Snow Canyon 9. Wyatt Parry, Snow Canyon 10. Moses Sepoluna, Rhinos 11. Ethan Gruber @Egruber77, Danville 12. Billy Tenney, United 13. Oteti Vehikite, Lamorinda 14. Caden Kinghorn@Thekinghorn21, Lamorinda 15 Max Schoenberger, Lamorinda