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2018 College Freshman- Where Did RugbyRecruits End Up?

This list will be continually updated as we confirm where the rest of our 2018 grads and 18-19 transfers are headed.  

Updated list 9/11/2018

Obed Cruz @Obed32 - Life University

Trevor Babcock @tsbabcock1999 - Mount St. Mary's 

Will Devine @willdeviine - St. Mary's College of California

Parker Dixon @Parkerdixon1 - Long Beach State

Matthew Dodd @matsdodd - Cal

Killian Keane @Killiankeane - Grand Canyon University

Shane McGeehan @shanemcgeehan22 - Marist College

Mason Phillips @Phillipsm18 - University of Arizona

Jonah Wolfe @JonahWolfe - Cal Maritime Academy


Original list below created 9/10/2018

Joseph Marchant @jvmarchant - St. Mary's College of California

Inoke Waqavesi @InokeW - Lindenwood University

Oliver Kwete @Oliver - Stars 7s, Lindenwood University

Luke Freeman @LukeFreeman - Cal = 

Jason Severance @JasonSeverance - Cal

Ethan McVeigh @EthoRugga - Cardiff Metropolitan (Wales)

Evan Conlon @EvanConlon - Lindenwood University

Dante Bandoni @dantebandoni - Arkansas State University

Niklas Lundqvist @lundqw00 - Penn State University

Maxwell Sackett @maxsackett - Army West Point

Jasper Green @Jasperfwgreen - Dartmouth 

Braeden Looper @Bloop99 - University of Arizona

Kaden Loversky @loversk - UC Santa Cruz

Luke Ogburn @LukeOgburn - Cal

Luca Gillespie-Brown @LucaGB - San Diego State University

Alex Evans @alexthomasevans - Cal 

Ronnie McElligott @ronniemc00 - St. Mary's College of California

Jack Slimm @jslimm7 - Texas Christian University

Cameron Crane @CameronC16 - Arkansas State University

Julian Artega @Julian10Art - Grand Canyon University

Declan Wilson @decwils - LSU 

Evan Thomas @Etcanes - Cardiff Metropolitan (Wales)

Ethan Gruber @Egruber77 - Colgate University

Kevin Regan @kevinregan - St. Mary's College of California

Kyle Curry @gingerhawk58 - Boise State University

Angel Figueroa @angel11 - Grand Canyon University

Joshua Allan @JoshAllan - St. Mary's College of California

Nick Cox @nickcox - Purdue University

Jacob Goeppner @Jbgep4 - University of Kentucky

Maek Kongsawad @maekkongsawad - Lindenwood-Belleville

Chase Mathis @Chaserm07 - Memphis

Clement Farias @Clemdog - University of Nevada Reno

Sam Cormier @samcormier1 - UC Santa Cruz

Cameron Lugo @rugbylugo - Arizona State University



Pacific Cup NorCal Challenge Results and All-Tournament 23

Congratulations to the 2017 Southern California Club Champion Rhinos Rugby Academy for winning the Cup Championship by beating the 2017 NorCal Premier League Runner-up Danville Oaks.  Rhinos came back from a 22-5 second half deficit to defeat the Oaks on the final play.  On Day 1 of the tournament, Danville beat Kahuku HS while Rhinos beat SFGG to set up the cup championship match.  SFGG played Kahuku on Day 2 for 3rd place.


All Matches were streamed live and are posted to our Facebook Page 


Day 1 Scores:

Danville 29-17 Kahuku

Rhinos 33-31 SFGG

Day 2 Scores: 

3rd Place Kahuku 28-19 SFGG

Championship Rhinos 29-22 Danville


All-Tournament 23

Tournament MVP: Mase Funa, Rhinos


Prop: Wes Uipi, Rhinos  @Wesuipi

Hooker: Jason Uipi, Rhinos  

Prop: Jeremy Mast, Danville  @football5252

Lock: Ulu Niutupuivaha, Kahuku  @uluamu

Lock: Ender Aguilar, Rhinos  

Blindside Flanker: AJ Alston, SFGG 

Openside Flanker: KJ Tufaga, Kahuku

8 Man: Sekope Latu, Kahuku

Scrumhalf: Austin Kikuchi, Rhinos

Flyhalf: Moses Sepoluna, Rhinos

Wing: Mase Funa, Rhinos

Inside Center: Jack Slimm, Danville  @jslimm7

Outside Center: Jason Severance, Danville  @JasonSeverance

Wing: Nikita Moysov, SFGG  @LegendaryTank

Fullback: Diego Vasquez, Rhinos

Reserve Front Row: Nick Leusing, Danville  @NickLeusing

Reserve Front Row: Joshua Allan, Danville  @JoshAllan

Reserve Front Row: Lasa Tofi, SFGG  @Flossy34

Reserve Back 5: Luke Ogburn, Danville  @LukeOgburn

Reserve Back 5: Luke Freeman, Danville  @LukeFreeman

Reserve Back: Jeffrey Breiz, SFGG  @JPeleseuma9

Reserve Back: Lauina Falatea, Kahuku

Reserve Back: Sione Mahe, Kahuku




The RugbyRecruit 100

90-100 rating
HS All-American Caliber, projects as a starter at a top tier college program
80-89 rating
HS Rep Side player, projects as a good college player at a top tier program
70-79 rating
Starter on their HS club A side, projects as a good college player at a second tier program
60-69 rating
HS B side player, can play college rugby in the right situation
50 rating
Incomplete Profile
Senior Boys Junior Boys Girls Other
Justin Meintjies (Justin006)
Leopards U21 Currie Cup, Massachusetts 2015
Flanker 5 (98)
Joseph Marchant (jvmarhchant)
Jesuit HS Marauders, California 2018
Prop 5 (97)
Francke Botha (Francke)
Western Province (Stormers) U-19, Florida 2016
Flyhalf 5 (97)
Damien Jurgens (DamianJ8)
Stellenbosch University, Select State 2014
8 Man 5 (97)
Faitala Talapusi (faitalatalapusi)
Life West, CaliforniaN 2017
Flyhalf 5 (96)
Inoke Waqavesi (InokeW)
CK McClatchy Lions, California 2018
Flyhalf 5 (96)
Mk Ndhlela (mkuilagi)
University of Pretoria, CaliforniaS 2014
Center 5 (96)
Oliver Kwete (Oliver)
Phoenix Firebirds (Men), AZ Bobcats Select, Arizona 2018
Scrumhalf 5 (96)
Luke Freeman (LukeFreeman)
Danville Oaks RFC, California 2018
8 Man 5 (95)
Kyle Van Tonder (kvantonder10)
Rocky Mountain HS, Idaho 2018
Fullback 5 (95)
Ethan McVeigh (EthoRugga)
OMBAC Wallabies, CaliforniaS 2018
Scrumhalf 5 (95)
Jasper Green (Jasperfwgreen)
St. Paul's 1st XV, CaliforniaN 2018
8 Man 5 (95)
Jason Severance (jsev1028)
Danville Oaks RFC, California 2018
Center 5 (95)
King Gumede (King)
Unaffiliated, Washington 2015
Wing 5 (95)
Cameron Anderson (cjanderson151)
Unattached, Select State 2017
Scrumhalf 5 (95)
Dante Bandoni (dantebandoni)
Granite Bay, California 2018
Lock 5 (94)
Samuel Kabous (KABOUS)
Brackenfell RFC, California 2015
Hooker 5 (94)
Evan Kieran Conlon (EvanConlon)
Woodlands, Texas 2018
Flyhalf 5 (94)
Niklas Lundqvist (lundqw00)
Coastal Dragons/La Costa Canyon HS, California 2018
8 Man 5 (94)
Johannes (Nicky) Hattingh (Nicky99)
UK/South Africa, Alabama 2016
Scrumhalf 5 (94)
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Highlights! Granite Bay C/O ‘19 Prospect Drew Sanderson's Junior Year

Drew @drewsanderson will be starting his 3rd year of rugby in 2019 for Northern California Powerhouse Granite Bay.  Despite his short time in the game, Drew has been a regular representative for regional select sides and EIRA touring sides since burst onto the national scene as a sophomore at the 2017 Boys HS National Championships.  Drew has speed to burn and a great boot thanks to a background in soccer.  



Full Match! U18 High School All-Americans vs Canada from Winter Camp

This match from the 2017 High School All-American Winter Camp features a number of top rated RugbyRecruits, including our newest 5 star recruit from Aliso Viejo, CA, Christiaan Mosconi @tiaanmosconi.

Christian plays for JSerra High School in SoCal's winter single school season and Back Bay Rugby Club in the spring.  "Tiaan" is playing scrumhalf for the All-Americans, in blue.  Hat tip to Mr. Mosconi for the film!